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In today’s highly competitive markets, an innovative approach to business can differentiate your enterprise. Whatever industry you’re in, our solutions can help you address your specific challenges, find new customers, and grow your business.

Smart Healthcare

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Use the latest technology to transform healthcare

The best healthcare should be affordable and accessible to everyone. But with skyrocketing costs, disparate information systems, and ever-changing regulations, that’s easier said than done. Healthcare providers are continually looking for ways to improve patient care—and so are we.
We work with the best minds in the industry, using the latest technologies to develop solutions that address difficult challenges like protecting patient data. Our proven, secure, and affordable tactics connect clinicians with patients, providing real-time access to care from virtually anywhere.

Smart Retail

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Use innovative technology to create powerful, new shopping experiences.

Make purchases easy whenever and wherever customers are ready to buy, whether during an e-commerce transaction on a smartphone or in a traditional storefront. Entice shoppers with convenient in-store and online options. Develop innovative, contextual, and time-sensitive retail solutions that help improve the customer experience. With our strong data and network security, you can give them confidence—from card swipe to shopping-cart click—that their information is transmitted securely.
Connected retail technologies that let you secure customer information also create new opportunities to personalize engagement based on past buying preferences and shopping behaviours. This deep connection builds loyalty for your brand that you’ll want to protect. Today’s advanced security solutions for retail help safeguard your hard-earned reputation, through compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards and more.

Smart Financial Services

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Customers today use their mobile devices to do almost everything, including financial transactions. They expect your services to be available, when and where they want them. Engaging customers on their smartphones, through ATMs, or mobile points of sale, makes it easier and more convenient for them to conduct their financial transactions where and when they want to.
Your customers also want to know their personal data is secure—and that they control how and where it’s used. Safeguarding their information and assets is more than just good business—it goes a long way toward gaining customer trust.

Smart Insurance

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In your business, assessing risk, responding to claims, and complying with regulations are the norm. But new insurance technology solutions make it possible to change not only what you can do for your customers, but also how you do it.
By combining cloud-based computing, real-time customer insights, mobility, and security solutions, we can help you better serve your customers while driving productivity and controlling costs. Providing secure access on the go can make your processes more efficient and allow you to respond more quickly to customer needs. You can also target customers with relevant offerings to increase growth opportunities—and keep them loyal to your brand.

Smart Manufacturing and Automotive

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Tap into emerging technologies to revolutionize your industry.

The manufacturing and automotive industry is in the midst of revolutionary change. Advanced information and communication technologies can help you shorten lead times, place right-sized orders as needed, or customize products and vehicles.
Along the way, you can remotely manage equipment, design more efficient operations, analyse new data sets, and defend against cyber threats. Capabilities like these can help you stay flexible in the midst of changing market conditions and meet the rapidly evolving wants and needs of your customers.

Smart Transportation and Distribution

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Gather real-time insights to keep pace with your supply chain.

Today’s global supply chain has to keep pace with an ever-expanding volume of goods and growing customer demands for more frequent, more reliable delivery. Keeping up can be especially challenging when your people and assets are always on the move.
Technologies like machine-to-machine (M2M), mobile applications, and cloud computing are changing the way business gets done. Now you can reinvent business models and increase revenue opportunities. Improve communications, logistics, and inventory tracking. And watch it all work together to boost customer trust and brand loyalty.
Free your organization to focus on your core business—transportation.

Smart Energy and Utilities

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Enhance your energy delivery for efficient energy distribution.

Emerging energy and utilities technology solutions are reinventing the industry—automating and enhancing distribution grids, improving your security and compliance efforts, and helping you harness meaningful information to keep costs down. With these advances, you can better serve your customers and grow your business.
You can also enhance your products and services with innovative capabilities. For example, get accurate and up-to-date insights into usage trends with information captured and transmitted from connected devices in the field. This can help you spot patterns, engage customers in energy awareness, and stay ahead of the competition.
Technology is enabling utilities to embrace new challenges and pursue new opportunities.

Smart Education

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Lead your schools to better results.

Help everyone achieve more—students, teachers, parents, and administrators—with technology that delivers practical K–12 solutions. Digital learning and customized applications help students meet goals, while mobile communication tools make it easier for educators and parents to work together.

Smart Federal Government

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Get the tools to Achieve mission success.

Give your workforce ready access to real-time information and make collaboration between colleagues and constituent engagement easier to accomplish, more efficient, and highly secure.
With technology solutions from cloud and mobility to Intelligent Networking and Connected Machines, you can securely share important agency data with the decision makers, personnel, and partners who need it. Efficient information-sharing helps you increase awareness, speed up decision-making processes, and deliver government services to both citizens and internal employees.
And you can expedite purchasing with pre-approved contracts offered by Soso Professional Consult—one of the largest enterprise technology solution providers of communications services to the federal government.

Smart Public Safety

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Serve and Protect with the right technologies.

Discover innovative and cost-effective ways to help police, fire, and emergency medical technician (EMT) professionals share data between different jurisdictions and disciplines—even across disparate public-safety communications systems. Route calls to the most appropriate agency to streamline operations and provide a more coordinated response.
Mobile sensors and cameras not only improve awareness, they’re also reinventing what’s possible. The latest public-safety services include hazardous materials (HAZMAT) monitoring, in-home tracking devices for criminal offenders, and fire-fighter life belts that transmit biometrics and location data to help reduce injury and loss of life.

Smart State & Local Government

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Tap into technology to reinvent your state and local services.

Meet the demands of your citizens and accomplish more with less, using fewer resources. Elevate your agency’s performance with local government IT solutions that allow your employees to collaborate across departments or jurisdictions with shared data and tools needed to solve pressing challenges. At the same time, you can help constituent’s access services quickly and securely. By extending the reach of your workforce with mobility solutions and cloud-based local government IT services, you can improve efficiency by controlling costs, reducing travel, and managing risk.

Smart Travel and Hospitality

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Manage guest expectations, and Create memorable travel experiences.

Guest expectations are changing the travel and hospitality industry. Today’s travellers count on customized services long before they board the plane or arrive at the hotel. Your success may rest not only on providing a superior on-location experience, but also finding new ways to interact with customers before, during, and even after they travel.
New travel and hospitality technology solutions, from smartphone concierges to in-room entertainment experiences, help you anticipate customer needs and stay competitive. The result?  Smooth operations, new revenue streams, and loyal customers.

Smart Media and Entertainment

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Discover new ways to create engaging new content.

The media and entertainment industry is booming with new competitors constantly entering the fray. Organizations that were once dedicated to delivering content now also produce it, and vice versa. Technology companies have become content distributors as well, and even consumer brands are getting in on content creation.
Now video can be created, edited, and transmitted directly from the source or event site. It can even be altered on the fly to respond to and feed ever-changing consumer expectations for more relevant, high-quality content. This is both exciting and challenging—as opportunities abound, success depends on getting the right technologies in place for your business.

Smart Technology and Professional Services

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Inspire big ideas and Share information securely.

Software developers, IT consultants, law firms, digital agencies—whatever your business, success depends on turning information into innovation. Staying on the cutting edge, with technologies like mobility and the cloud, can help you accelerate information sharing and decision making, and keep computing resources flexible. Capabilities like these also have built-in security features to protect your ideas from data breaches or other threats, so your people can work together safely, even if your offices are stretched around the globe.

Smart Construction

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The construction industry is in the midst of a major transformation, where you face fluctuating operating and labour costs, while seeking to gain a competitive edge. Plus, with pressure to reduce carbon emissions and support “green” initiatives, your projects become increasingly complex to manage.

Take advantage of innovative technologies to DRIVE BUSINESS EFFICIENCY.

Simplify the complexity of your construction operations and give your business an edge with innovative, cloud-based technology and construction management tools to help improve customer service and grow your business.
New technologies, such as building information modelling (BIM) and lean-building techniques, provide construction solutions to help you save time, control labour and fuel costs, become greener, and manage resources and materials more effectively.
And with the addition of advanced communications and construction management tools into your business, project managers, work crews, and other team members can constantly stay in touch. Now you can speed up decision-making processes and make job adjustments on the fly with construction technology solutions.

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